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Dog Kennel Project (plenty pictures) Part 1

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Family had been without a dog for almost 10 years while we followed kids thru their highschool, travel, and college athletic careers. During that time the kennel I had built 25 years ago deterioated. The brick base suffered through 25 years of frost heave, root incursion, and since I had used already used building bricks rather than pavers, the bricks them selves were crumbling from freezing. The goat fence was rusting and the pressure treated posts were pretty much finished with their ground engagment.

Fast forward to an early and untimely retirement for me; but kids are out of school, living on their own, house payments are totally under control, and wife has good benefits. And, I decide it's time for another dog, a nice compact French Brittany. Close hunting, very companionable, great for an outdoorsman (or woman). Time to address the kennel.

I decided it was near do over time. So, I pulled the goat wire, then pulled the posts. Next lifted the bricks, found none really salvagable, and hauled them to a spot in the woods where they are stashed for some future project.
Next step, scrape the stone base I had originally installed, re-level the area. Though this is a lot of hand work, the JD x728 helped me with the stone and dirt grading.

Then I installed a better landscape and railroad tie perimeter for the new base, and moved some stones in for drainage. I rounded up some used paving bricks and some better (good corners and edges) construction bricks. Just raking the stone as level as I can before setting in some sand. (Paver stones were just some test colors for the patio I was also having built, not actually going to use them for this kennel).

I rolled the stone, and let it settle through a couple of spring rains before any paving. During this time I found a 10'x10'x6' kennel on CL that I picked up cheap. It had been sitting on a dirt base under a shade tree so there was some surface rust around the base. I wire brushed it, and sprayed it with rustoleum primer and again with rustoleum black paint. I staggered the height and side to side so that I was painting all four panels at the same time.

I had a couple ton of paving sand delivered for my patio, and used some of that here to make a nice level base for the kennel. For some reason I didn't capture any photos of laying the brick. I think I was afraid if I took a break, I'd not get back to it. I don't really like this kind of work. Anyway, bricks laid, and kennel fence assembled, I set it on top of the bricks this time. So, I can remove it for cleaning, and also to get it out of the way when I had to take that nice 100+ year old oak tree down after it died. I'm pretty sure this kennel is sold by TSC and probably other places. It is very sturdy, as tested by a bunch of 8 year old kids who used it for a jail during a picnic game of cowboys and indians. At one time an entire posse was climbing out when the sheriff was not watching.

Not terribly obvious, but I swept Polyermic Paving sand into all cracks between bricks and wetted it down. This sand forms a semi-rigid morter that resists seed germination, brick shifting, yet remains able to absorb some amount of shifting due to frost or roots.

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Dog Kennel Project (more pictures) Part 2

By now the pup is anxious to try out the new rec-room:

I also had a dog house in need of some remodeling. I had originally made it with a removable roof, which has always been handy. This time I removed the floor, installed some insulation and then a new floor on top. Repainted the whole thing to match some property colors, caulked the interior (I hope it will keep some of the bugs out). and it's ready to squeeze through the kennel gate. Maybe should have assembled the kennel around it.

Got the house and roof in, it's heavier than I intended, no worries about it blowing over. Set it on a dolly so I could rearrange it to the taste of the new resident:

Proud resident displays colors for 4th of July, Flag Day, Veterans Day, and just about every picnic weekend:

And, sadly, as noted above, the long standing oak died, and needed to be removed. Easy enough to move the kennel, bring it down, then return the kennel. Here it sits today, with only a few of the limbs of the big oak left, cut and awaiting splitting and seasoning to be next year's firewood.

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Looks great Jere. How far is it from your house?
It sits at the edge of my driveway turn-around about 40' from the garage. But truth be told, my dog is with me 90% of the time, so the kennel is used mostly for his protection when I am mowing or running a chainsaw or trimmer. Otherwise, he follows me or I follow him, hard to say some days.
Very nice kennel... Do those bricks get hot in the summer for his paws? Do you ever start your walks out with you in the lead and then you realize your following your companion? That seems to happen often with myself and my dogs..
Actually the bricks stay very cool. Even though I had to take down the biggest Oak, the pen area is always shaded in the Summer. And, I rarely start the walks out in the lead. Every morning Scout makes a high speed lawn perimeter patrol to ensure all squirrels are off the ground an up their respective trees. He is the blur in this quick video: Squirrel Patrol
Looks great Jere39.

...Yatt's abode has a #'d print in it.

Is that a Maas print? Kind of looks familiar. I used one as a center piece for a framed place to preserve my 40+ annual Duck Stamps.

Sorry I missed your post here, but I did see your work restoring the cant hook.
Jere -- very nice kennel setup! I'm thinking of doing something very similar for my 4 mo. old GSP pup. I was contemplating using the poly deck boards and raising it off the ground 4-6". Are you pleased with your paver bricks? How is it for washing out if the dog uses the restroom in there?
No doubt poly deck boards would work too. Turns out my pup spends very little time in this kennel. He is there mostly for his own protection when I'm running power equipment, or when we are hosting a picnic and too many kids are running around. So, this pup has never soiled it. The original kennel was used more regularly for an English Springer, who spent more time there and did ocassionally soil it. She always had nice solid stool that was easy to clean out with a scoop I had fashioned. I'd just hose it out every once in a while and sprinkle it with some bleach/water in a watering can.
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