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Does this look like a 420?

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its missing pannels and paint is faded.


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what size engine does it have?
Looks like it to me but the pics are pretty blurry. It has 2 brake pedals and 3 hydro levers at least. Factory engine was a 20HP ONAN. How many hours are on it?
Split brakes, three hydro spools, onan, large front rims, its a 420.
No grill emblem, what a shock.
its a 420. front rims are a giveaway
Now KATT what would one have to look like to NOT have ( deserve ) a grill emblem ?? :Stop:
it gottaway
it gottaway
Probably had to be put down. May it be parted in piece. (s)
it gottaway

With those tires it limped away !!
emailed him and never got a response and checked the ad it had been deleated
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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