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Does it ever END!!!!

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I just finished my 67 112 and within 2 weeks naturally one of my rear wheel seals goes out!!!! Now I need to pull the hub, so I get my puller and start on it and it doesnt budge, so I threw a little WD-40 on it and tried it again, still nothin. I decided to get my porto power and try that and It still wont budge. So since I am pretty good with my transaxle I decided to pull everything apart except for the differential. Now all I got is the axle in there and I tried my puller, and my porto power and still got nothin. The stupid thing wouldnt budge with 10 tons of pressure, and with my luck I pulled the snap-ring of on the other hub and with a tap of my mallet it came off!!!!!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing off? Its really startin to give me a headache.
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Thanks I think today ill give the pb blaster a try today. I should be able to hit the center of the axle with a hammer and push the whole thing out the other side right???
Hey cad plans thats a nice splitter/press
I'm not sure, Monti, 'cause when I look at MY axle, there's a great honking big gear set in the middle of it... If I get a chance today, I'll go out and take a pic for you... In the meantime, here's the Peerless transaxle manual for you to take a look at to see what you think... Its got really good tearapart instructions, and drawings. The Peerless in your 112 is a 2300.

(you probably already have this manual, but I thought, just in case...)
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