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Does it ever END!!!!

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I just finished my 67 112 and within 2 weeks naturally one of my rear wheel seals goes out!!!! Now I need to pull the hub, so I get my puller and start on it and it doesnt budge, so I threw a little WD-40 on it and tried it again, still nothin. I decided to get my porto power and try that and It still wont budge. So since I am pretty good with my transaxle I decided to pull everything apart except for the differential. Now all I got is the axle in there and I tried my puller, and my porto power and still got nothin. The stupid thing wouldnt budge with 10 tons of pressure, and with my luck I pulled the snap-ring of on the other hub and with a tap of my mallet it came off!!!!!! Does anyone have any ideas on how to get this thing off? Its really startin to give me a headache.
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is it spline or tapered with a key?

On my 400 which has tapered with 1/4" keys, I put the puller on with the nut loose, then heated the hub with a map gas soldering torch to expand it. Sounds like a gun going off when they pop loose. Having the nut on is a must if you don't want them to fly three feet.

Pb blaster is a great tool. I got pistons out of a rusted up engine with it, and most of the valves. There was enough rust that the motor was toast, but it got em out. Let them soak in pb overnight and it should loosen up.
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