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Do you think this 212 is worth buying?

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Hey everyone I saw this ad on CL just wondering if its in the right range for condition, if all it needs is a carb? Im new to these tractors but am obsessing for the last month :fing32:

also seen this one but might be too far gone for me

I want to fix up my '83 111 but need something to use while in the process

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yea i mean i dont know anything about these, but i guess if i can handle working on my snowmobiles i could figure this out. I agree also on the TLC part i think ill check this one out though, ill probably have more questions if i talk to them or look at it too.. and thanks all for the advice, Im also going to post pictures of my 111 as soon as i can make it home before dark!! lol also tried pushing it into garage so i wouldn't wake up my daughter but the dang blower is frozen to the ground :dunno: ha, ill put some effort in it this weekend for ya guys
That's a nice tractor you got there that's what I am looking at doing.. I called the guy he seemed like a reasonable guy. He said the butteryfly something in the carb is bad. And something about putting your hand over it it'll pop off but sucks too much air. But that's all that's wrong with the motor. Also asked about the deck, he said the main bearing on it needed replaced but was too expensive at dealer. Had one custom made and when the decks all the way down the belt will pop off...I'm guessing he was talking about the pulley. He said works fine when its up but needs re done. He's owned it since like 95 and always fixed it but said a carb is 150$ so he gave up on it..

He also said he would take 175 for it, tempting but putting 150 to 200 in it right away to use it is out of my budget. Unless he's off on carb prices? And thanks again for the replys and pictures!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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