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DIY Remote Controlled 48" Mower

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Well I have procrastinated and I have procrastinated, but it is finally time to finish off the remote controlled mower I started over two years ago...

Before I begin I should blame my friend for putting the idea in my head about 4 years ago. His mower here

I started off buying a used but in very good condition Jazzy 600 wheel chair, I then scored a bargain on a new heavy duty 48" (122cm) deck on eBay. I then purchased one less than running Dixon ZTR 308 ride on mower frame.

The following is part one of my journey, I hope to not have you waiting too long for part two.
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Just uploaded part 2, trying not to make them too long or boring
Keep the videos coming, looks like you got a good final RC mower so now interested and how you got it all put together!
:ditto: :ditto: :ditto:

That, and some AI / automation (maybe implant the brains of a Roomba), and I'd build one too!

Thanks guys...
Just a little sneak peak of what I am planning way down the track.


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Hmmm looks like a possibly fully unattended system. You going to use GPS to guide it?
Hmmm looks like a possibly fully unattended system. You going to use GPS to guide it?
My initial thoughts where to use the sensors to provide steering input corrections to keep the mower away from the fence (once it's built), and slow down if it's going to crash into anything.

Even further down the track I want to add cameras so I can basically mow the lawn from inside the house using the TV, but we will see how ambitious those plans are when the time comes.
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Before I go out and spend a fortune on sprockets, I thought I would attempt to mock up the motors with the sprockets I have. This will give me a fair indication where I sit on torque and speed. Once I have a better idea of the ratio I need, I will do it all again on some new sprockets.
Been quite a while since my last update but I am still working on it... Have recently returned to building it. I have posted 3 new episodes on YouTube.

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Time for a check in... Have made lots of changes to the design since I first started this project, but recently I have started making videos again. Feeling motivated and some decent progress is being made. Here is the the latest video.

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