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DIY Loader options

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I was just looking in the craigslist section and there was a JD with a loader listed. There was a 1 arm loader on it that is a DIY from this company.

Might be something for you guys to think about who want a loader but don't have one available or the money to buy one all at once.

I am going to be drawing the parts for my Kwikway loader in cad when I have time and may possibly sell the plasma cut parts you would need to weld your own if there is interest in that.

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great Idea , I was at the machine shop yesterday asking about if they could cut out the parts for a DIY kit to sell. If you have the DX files maybe we could get something worked out. what I was looking for is just the flat parts and the OP buying the kit would have to get the tube steel. That would save on shipping weight cost. and one other thing was haveing the bucket just slide on for a quick disconnect for other inplments such as a fork loader, or tiller.
Hi Mike,
I was thinking along the same lines, Supply the gussets, probably the bucket ends, and whatever flat parts made sense with the drawings for the tubing for the frame, and for everything else.

The great thing about the Kwikway design is the bucket or whatever attachment goes on/off with (4) hitch-pins

I have a sample loader sitting in my back yard :cool:

I have solidworks to model everything, A full machine shop with cnc plasma table. Now I just need the time between jobs! I am a 1 man shop.

i would be interested in a kit of some kind if the price is not too high,been thinking about one for a while
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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