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Digger origin

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I'm renovating an old stone barn in France and purchased a second hand Kubota digger to get various bits done. It is a KX61-2 (I think) and is a grey import. I've had some small repairs done on it with either original Kubota parts or generic spares but have now hit a block with a couple of small hydraulic items.
I bought what Kubota UK told me were the correct parts for the model (they cannot identify it from the serial number) but they are slightly different from the parts on the machine. I've tried the local Kubota dealer in France but come up with the same issue.
There is an outside chance it is a KX61-2 Alpha and I'll check that out when I go back to the UK.
But, what would help me enormously is to find out which country the machine came from originally. Neither Kubota France or UK can help so does anyone have any advice on where I can look?
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Welcome aboard. Come for the info and help, share your experiences. Stay for the camaraderie. Doing a preliminary search, none of the parts sites list anything different than a KX61-2, which as I'm sure you have found out was discontinued in 2004. Without knowing what hydraulics you are looking for I didn't go any further. There are a number of sites (not just in US) that offer parts. Being that you are dealing in a grey market, I believe it would have been made in Japan. I will move this to the Kubota forum where someone more familiar with this machine may be able to offer more guidance. :MTF_wel2:
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