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differences in honda gx340 and 390 carburetors?

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Is the main jet (the one screwed into the bottom of the carb inside the float bowl) the only difference between 340 and 390 honda gx series carburetors? My 340 needs a new carb and i have a good 390 carb. Can i just switch the jet out and install it on the 340 or is there another difference?
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Ive run the 390 carb on 340's, 240's...haha

Bolt it up, see how it runs.
I did swap the jet and the little tube above it and put it on and it started right up and runs fine. :)
Yup...good stuff.

The 340 and 390 engines pare pretty similar.

As I know it, the carb is just slightly larger, the 390 cam has a little more duration and lift, the 390 has about 50 more cc's...for the most part, very similar. When I build a 340 up, I put in a 390 cam, carb...makes a decent little engine.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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