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Differences 9n,2n?

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Hi! Just trying to educate myself. I just bought a '44 2n (thought it was a 9n) and am trying to get it working correctly. From what I've read I think I should have gotten an 8n (4spd), and other upgrades. But I haven't seen anything that differentiates a 9n from a 2n other than color. (I know some 2n's had no electrical for the war). It doesn't make sense that they would change the model number for nothing. So just what are the differences? Thx- Mike
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There were upgrades thru out the N series tractor years But the reason for the change in the model was the WAR. You could not increase the price of the tractor if it was the same model. If you introduced a new model (the 2N) you were allowed to increase your price. Old Henry was no dope.

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