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Difference between TS348D and TS348XD?

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The title says it - what’s the difference between the TS348D ($3200) and the TS348XD ($3500) . It’s looks like the XD has a different engine with 26HP vs 24HP for the D model, but is this all?

Edit, I see the tires are also better in the XD model

Also on another note, is the clear cut deck easy to remove and install? The dub cadet decks seem to be easy to work on what about the Husky decks?
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Not sure about the tires, but the D has the locking differential. My D came with the kholer engine. I bought mine a year ago and it has done an excellent job. I've moved and spread tons upon tons of fill with a scoop and dozer blade. Used it to plow snow this past winter, and I've towed a lot of logs, stumps, brick and stone with it. I've also done a little mowing.
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