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Difference between TS348D and TS348XD?

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The title says it - what’s the difference between the TS348D ($3200) and the TS348XD ($3500) . It’s looks like the XD has a different engine with 26HP vs 24HP for the D model, but is this all?

Edit, I see the tires are also better in the XD model

Also on another note, is the clear cut deck easy to remove and install? The dub cadet decks seem to be easy to work on what about the Husky decks?
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I've been wondering the same thing and have been seeking the answers. There's so much conflicting information on their website and online. I did hear back from Husqvarna and was told for 2019 both have the Kohler engine, the "D" has the tuff torq / locking diff, larger tires, and armrests. The 2019 XD has been changed apparently from 2018 and now has the fast hydrostatic (Hydro Gear) and apparently no arm rest(????) althougth that's not what the pic on their website shows. The gauges and led lights remain but it sounds like it may have smaller tires too???

I still can't get 100% confirmation the XD has the locking diff and the arm rests ... Really frustrating.
Bro that explains it I was just at family farm and home and I saw the one with the gauges went and looked and it had smaller but slightly wider tires no arm rests and I do believe no locker bc it didn't have a switch or pedal unless it has a limited slip. I'd save the money buy the d and order the updrade parts online. I just bought a D for $3500 and have the dash gauges Iris box wiring harness and led head lights and brushed aluminum pedal coming for $700. So in the end I'll have like $4200 in it. I have a PDF of the parts list for last year's XD if anyone needs it it was definitely hard to track down
Yes please provide that parts list ... totally interested. It's shame because the 2018 XD had everything including the tuff torq. Why they changed it for 2019 is beyond me
Confirmed ... The XD does have the locking diff, arm rests, guages, led headlights and the 12 volt plug. I know this because I just got one!

Why the "D" is $150 more is beyond me. It does NOT have the guages or the lead highlights yet same engine (Kohler 26hp) and tranny (KT66) as the XD. If anything it should be $150 less. Go figure. If someone knows the answer please share.
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