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Diesel fuel injector

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I am having a problem with the fuel injector pump on a JD 3010. Its leaking bad and want to replace it and need to know the procedure so I don't get it installed wrong.
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Remove the ring gear access cover on the right side of the clutch housing(two screws hold this cover). You'll be able to access the flywheel ring gear teeth through this hole.

Remove the injection pump timing window cover located just above the pump serial number tag. This is a small cover(see #7 in image below), held on by two screws, located on the side of the pump housing facing outward.

Using a large screwdriver, turn the flywheel until the the TDC mark on the flywheel lines up with the small notch in the ring gear access window. At this time, the two timing marks in the injection pump timing window should line up. If so, the #1 piston is on TDC and the pump can be removed. If the two marks do not line up, the engine is 180° off. You'll have to turn the engine one complete revolution.

Once all marks are lined up, remove all fuel line, then remove the two pump hold-down nuts and lift injection pump straight up.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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