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Didn't take long - 224

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So I was without a tractor for a total of 4 days LOL.

Actually, I'll end up selling this one as well because I want something a TAD nicer and one that starts with the number 4.

But...I think I got a great deal...$250
Does NOT run...but hopefully it will in short order.
Here's what she looks like (horrible garage nighttime pics):

About the tractor and it's lack of spark..

Here's what I KNOW.
The PO said that he replaced the solenoid thinking that was the problem (NO SPARK!)
Why the solenoid? No clue.
***I*** think it is more likely to be the coil.
BUT...he said that when they replaced the solenoid the IGNITION SWITCH never worked from that point on and that they were trying to JUMP it by grounding the solenoid.
Question: (and I don't know a TON about engines...learning in progress!) If the ignition switch is not working wouldn't that explain the lack of spark? Why would the PO replace the solenoid in attempting to gain spark? Isn't that to get the thing to CRANK?
So here's what I have: Hack wiring job. Not sure if Ignition switch is BAD or just wired incorrectly (more likely).
Only way tractor will crank is to jump the solenoid.
Here's a couple pics of wiring...anyone see anything obvious?
Any ideas?
Here's what the wiring looks like (notice the orange wire going NO WHERE!)

Any help tips/ideas greatly appreciated!
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If it was cranking but no spark I'd think points/condenser but since they swapped a solenoid it may not have been cranking and then I'd look at the safety switches. The Onan electrical manual is posted in the manual section but not the Kohler.
JB had a no start issue awhile back there's lots of good info in the thread.

That red kind of gets in your blood and pushes the green right out don't it.

Not a bad looking little tractor and definitely a deal with the blower.
To much shadow in the pic but it looks like there could be a holding valve?
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Nice looking tractor and a good deal on it. slkpk
Great deal especially with the blower. Like CP7 said my thread has a good bit of info on the wiring. Print out the wiring diagram and start checking for power with the multimeter.
Also check for ground across the safety switches. So far 2 of my 3 Cases have had these bypassed instead of repaired when they went bad.
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Also. Using a test light, verify that when you turn the ignition key to the "on" position, you have 12 volts going to the coil (+) side. No 12 volts, no spark.

When you jump the solenoid to turn (crank) the engine over, you feed only the startor motor, not the coil live wire.
Good luck,
Awesome deal, I bet the blower and weights are worth what you paid for the whole package. :thThumbsU Wish I could find that kind of deal down here.:praying:
I would check to make sure you have power to the switch first, then start tracking it to the coil. Like others said,

no power to coil (+) side = no sparky = waste of time cranking it by jumping solenoid.

Good luck, and glad you are back in the fold!!!:fing32:

Hope all works out with the family as well.
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