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Hey Guys,

Was out moving around some dirt with my 455 today.. Finished up and decided to take a quick look under the hood..

I thought that I noticed a small nick in the fan belt, but it was difficult to see, as it was just shy of being on top of the alternator pulley. In order to get a better look, I put my hand on the fan and tried to turn it a bit, to bring the belt nick into better view. It moved maybe 1/4 of an inch.

The nick in the belt didnt look bad, figured that I'd replace it sometime in the future, but not in the near future... Put the hood back down and went in the house..

Came back out about :30 later, got on the tractor, turned the key.. glow plug light on then off, turned the key... Nothing.. Thought it was the brake switch, so I pushed down on the pedal harder.. Nothing. Key off, key on, nothing.. The instrument panel lights illuminate and I hear the fuel pump. I try pushing on the brakes again harder, but nothing..

When I turn to the start position, I can hear a subtle difference in the fuel pump, so it sounds like the voltage is dropping in the start position, so that makes me think that it's not the brake switch. The seat switch had been jumped by the previous owner, and I checked to make sure it was secure.

I was going to start troubleshooting further, but I decide to lift the hood and try turning the fan again (don't know why..).. I do this, it moves maybe 1/4", I turn the key - it fires right up. I drive it around, park it, shut it off, get on it and restart a few minutes later, everything is fine..

I get off, walk away for a few minutes, come back out to park it for the day, try starting it and I get the same thing... I lift the hood, turn the fan 1/4" and try starting, once again, fires right up.

Could it be a weak starter? Did I do something by turning the engine manually, or is this a coincidence? I checked the battery connections and they're all good.. Battery is new (less than a week old), and I've never had any starting problems until I lifted the hood and tried turning the fan by hand.

What do you guys think, outside of "keep your hands off!" :)


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I don't know too much about the big boys toys but I can't see how turning the fan belt could influence the electical connection to that starter. A normal bendix style starter is disengaged from the flywheel when not turning so its not like you could be moving the starter back and forth across bad spots. Unless maybe your bendix is jammed up and the starter not disengaging? I'd think you'd hear that while running though.
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