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I have a 1994 DGT6000 Craftsman tractor. Does anyone have any idea what the cutting height (approx. inches) is when the lever is in the highest position? I know there is an adjustment in the front of the deck which could change things, but I checked and it appears I cant adjust the those two nuts (on each side of the anti-scalping rollers) anymore. They are in the furthest position or threaded all the way in.

I roughly measured and when my lever is in the highest position the blades are abut 3" from the ground. I would like my fullest position to be higher if that is possible and would like to be able to set the lever in the middle area and have the blades about 3 inches.


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You adjust the height at the suspension arms.
The front links are to level the deck front to back
after you set the height and level from side to side.


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