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DGS6500, PTO nogo

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Hey all, my DGS 6500 mower deck won't engage.

Belts are fine and installed peoperly, tractor runs and drives fine.

When you push (or, rather, pull) the "mow" button, there is no satisfying "click" from beneath the engine like there used to be and the drive pulley does not rotate. Seems the PTO clutch is not engaging?

I found a 2-wire connector that appears to lead to the PTO clutch, red and black wire on the tractor side, two blue wires on the clutch side. There is no voltage on the tractor side whether or not the mow switch is pulled.

Is there a fuse I can look for, or has the switch or a safety or something else gone bad on me?
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Posting the Sears 917.xxxxxx would allow one to look at the correct schematic.
Looking at "a schematic" for a DGS 6500, the PTO is wired-
A1 terminal of the key switch, through the PTO switch, to the PTO.

Check the connector to the PTO switch for tightness first. You might unplug/plug a few times to clean contacts.

It's a RED wire all the way through to the PTO.
Did you check the voltage of the RED wire (at the PTO connector) to ground, NOT the other black wire?
You might also check the BLACK wire at the connector for continuity to GROUND.
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Model number 917.287462 Manufactured 2007, no I did not check either wire to ground, will do that.

PTO switch harness has several wires in various colors, that surprised me, and appears seated properly. I can remove and clean it- was hoping to be able to bypass it for a test but after looking at the harness it wasn't clear what to bypass to what...
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RED is the PTO clutch through the PTO switch.
White is to the starter solenoid. (PTO OFF to close)
Black is for the engine safety kill circuit. (PTO OFF to open)
Here's a schematic, which can also be found at

Assuming the engine cranks, it would tend to point to NOT being the PTO switch, although part of a switch can fail.


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Re: DGS6500, PTO nogo-- SOLVED!!

Using the schematic I traced the problem to the PTO switch. Turns out that the switch internals were getting dirty and corroded.

Switch housing is glued, so I had to carefully cut/pry the back off at the seam, then cleaned up the internals with an eraser and some contact cleaner, glued teh housing back on, and reinstalled.

All better!

Thanks, guys!
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