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One of the first things I noticed after picking up my "new to me" 1961 Dexta was that it didn't stop worth a dang. When the brake pedals were not connected the right side pedal sat a good inch or so lower than the left meaning it; a) had less travel and b) possibly wasn't even fully engaging. This weekend I pulled off the wheels and brake drums. I think the shoes are as thin as I've ever seen without grinding thru to the metal:
0812171710 by Alden_Sloe, on Flickr
The good news is everything else seems to be OK. Because of the extent of corrosion I did order new springs and hardware along with the shoes. The manual specs the brake drums as 14" and I measure 14.015" ID for the right side and 14.010" for the left. There's no grooves or ridges so I'm tempted to not even have them machined.

Question #1
What is the max size that the drums can be turned to. It's often cast into automotive drums (back when cars had drum brakes :D ). Or, with a tractor do you just turn them until they fail?

Question #2
What is the torque spec for the lug nuts? This may be a newbie stupid question but all the shop manual says is "tighten the nuts securely". Ya think! :duh:
I did find this reference at which says 80 ft-lbs . I'm guessing an 8N would be about the same as a Dexta.

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