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Destroyed my Rear wheel trying to take it off!

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What a Weekend! Took a few days off to work on all my Mowers and general house work and had nothing but issues.

Work bugged me everyday but today and then I ended up destroying a rear wheel on my newly acquired Lawn boy re8e (gilson) I Bought 4 all new tires for it and tried to get them on yesterday.

Ended up having to sawzall the wheel rim off and them slicing the hub length ways. Even with it half cut apart it still fought me. Nothing worked Heat... Kroil...You name it.

It was as if someone used a rocksalt slurry as a lubricant when they slide the wheel on!
the other side just slide right off with not even a hesitation.

Now the search is on for what looks like a unobtainable rear wheel..

Only shining light from the whole weekend was the El cheapo Harbor freight mini tire changer. Great little tool.


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Yeah that style can be a bugger. I have a stack of those wheels in the garage. If you give me dimensions I can ship one to you.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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