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Demolished transaxle on Craftsman 917256544

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Hi Everyone.

I recently got a barn-find craftsman 917256544

I got the thing to run, but quickly found out why it was left to rot.

The transaxle loooks like someone tried to pull out a stump with the mower. The case is smashed open and the large gear is hanging down.

So I need to source a new one.
Sears has them, but they are way to expensive to put on a mower that I got for free

My question...

I see a lot of used ones on ebay, but with different part numbers, but they look exactly the same.

Are these old transaxles universal? Can I use any old craftsman rear from that period. Are there any generic ones?

Any ideas were I can find them?

Thanks for your help in advance. I am a total NEWB.

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Is that just a 5spd? If so yes, you can get any one that has the right connections. It may even be a bigger case but with a little work, will fit just fine.
It is actually a 6 speed. I wonder if I could use a 5spd anyway.
Fender shifter indents will not line up. had a 5 speed Dana transaxle for about 150 bucks brand new in their last catalog...that I think will work in a Craftsman..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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