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Deisel fuel in gas tank

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:bonk: Someone put deisel instead of gas in the fuel tank. Started the tractor up and it backfired.
Is the engine toast?
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I think the only problem you will have is the spark plugs. These will foul really quick on deisel. I wouldn't bother cleaning the carb. But if you can, drain the carb, it will startup faster when you refill with gas.
When I was much younger, during high school, I had a '55 Merc. Just for "fun" once I put about 5 gallons of Diesel with 5 gallons of gas into the tank. The car actually ran on that mix. It would not rev past 3000 rpm foot to the floor. It belched black smoke out of both tail pipes and smelled like an old city bus.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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