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DEF System Questions

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I'm about to buy a new tractor. Was wanting an LS MT225HE, which is the same as a NH Workmaster 25.

My local dealer has had LS tractors ordered for month's & can't get one.

But, I've found another dealer who has an LS MT235HE in stock, for a good price. BUT, as ya'll know, it has the DEF system. I have never used a tractor with that system.

BUT, I've read only BAD things about it. So, for some of you guys who know, what would be the downside, or the "cons", if you will, of buying the 235, rather than the 225 tractor.

Is having the DEF system going to make me wish I hadn't bought a tractor with it ?

Sorry for the dumb questions. But I'm totally ignorant of this subject.
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The only thing I hear repeatedly, NEVER run a DEF equipped vehicle, machine out of DEF.

The other obvious thing, it does add another system to maintain.
Our town has a new garbage truck that has a DEF system on it.
A sensor in the DEF tank died, put the engine into limp mode which only allowed about 15 MPH top speed.
They searched for weeks trying to locate a new sensor and could not find one anywhere.
They were about to order a new garbage truck, but got in touch with the EPA and they allowed them to bypass the sensor so the truck would run normally again, saving the town a couple hundred thousand for another new garbage truck.
Just saw on a tractor video that the Mahindra 2638 tractor does not use DEF or DPF. Has their own system that meets requirements without the system that other tractors use. Anybody here familiar with that Mahindra system ? Is that a good way to go ?

Just for clarification ...

DEF = Diesel Exhaust Fluid
DPF = Diesel Particulate Filter

The 25 HP and under tractors don't run either, and still say they meet the tier 4 requirements ... Starting about 75 HP they start using DEF ...

The LS MT225HE doesn't have either a DPF or DEF system. Stepping up to the MT230HE would have a DPF ...

I run both the DEF & DPF in my over the road semi-truck, usually around 400,000 miles we start seeing sensor problems ... The newer emissions diesels don't "like" being idle'd, and running them hot under a heavy load keeps them running!
After test driving an LS MT225HE, I decided it was not the best choice for us. That same day, we drove a Kioti CK2610 & decided it is a much better tractor, to meet our needs. Were able to make a trade deal, with our local dealer, & now own the new Kioti.


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