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Deere hunt

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Snagged a rare good deal on Ebay this afternoon: $52 for this 15 Yard Cart...

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Nice trailer, good deal!
Really??? I have been looking for both... A #15 cart and a good deal. :thThumbsU

Seriously well done and enjoy. :D
Thanks everybody. It's larger than I realized when I was bidding on it, although I knew it was the larger cart model. It wouldn't fit in the bed of my F-150, because I have a cap and there's a sleeping platform in there. I had to go back and get my utility trailer to haul it back home. Fortunately, it was only 11 miles from home.

Can't wait to use it for something. Probably tow the grandkids around in it, and anything else I can think of.
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I bet the kids will love that... :D

That's a heck of a deal! :fing32: A 15 will hold a lot of stuff! :D ~~ grnspot
Very good deal. slkpk
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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