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deere 65 engine options?

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Hi guys. I purchased a deere 65 riding mower a couple of weeks ago and the 5 hp tecumseh engine on it is showing signs of it's age. I'm thinking of changing the motor on it but i dont want to put a big one in. Can i put say a 6.75 hp brigg in from a lawn mower? Seems to me it would be enough for my son to ride it. I dont want a batterie and starter set up because it's a pain in the neck to buy a 70$ batterie so i sort of tossed the whole 8 hp and up brigg idea. What do you guys think?:thanku:
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Thanks guys. If i can find a 8 hp brigg or less that crank starts and bolts right on i'l probably do that the lawn mower engine idea seems a bit complicated for my skill level. I appreciate the input cause i might have gotten my self jammed. Oh btw because of where i live parts and machines are really hard to find at good prices ( about twice the price for a lawn or garden tractor or mower ).:thanku: :OHCAN
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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