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Deere 445 w/47 snowblower & acc - NY

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There's a machine about an hour from me that I'm considering:

Deere 445 (purchased in 2000) w/60" deck
47 snowblower
curtis cab w/soft sides (heated, w/wiper & lights)
3pt hitch
3pt hitch weight bracket + 6 suitcase weights
rear wheel chains

He's pretty firm on $4500

I've already got a 445 w/54" deck & 3pt hitch
also recently picked up a blower and plow blade. The blower has a rust hole in the impeller housing and some other surface rust but is otherwise pretty solid (rust is on the lower side where salt probably settled). But it didn't come with a mid-pto shaft (~$250).

So, when I saw the above machine I thought it might be worthwhile to buy it (it is in excellent shape), finish refurbing the blower I picked up and then sell one of the tractors and that blower.

Good plan? ... for disaster? I'd be happy to turn out one of the tractors with the other blower for $3800 (more is better, of course).
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Considering a good 47 blower is going for $2K this time of year, his firm price on the package isn't too bad at all.
That would be $6,500 here.

I'm not kidding.
Thanks for the feedback. I've been poking online, and the cab alone looks like it is worth $500. People around here are asking over $4000 for the 445 tractor. I'm not sure they are getting it, but both of these tractors have the 3pt hitch and weight/sleeve hitch bracket. And, they are both later-model 445s (ie: no plastic cam gear?). Since our area was just listed as the SNOWIEST metro area in the country, I should be able to get $1800 for a reconditioned blower. So, I suppose I can get my $4500 back and still end up with some nice upgrades to my current setup:

Deere 445 w/54" mower
3pt hitch & sleeve hitch bracket
Brinly mouldboard sleeve hitch plow
Drag point-harrow with furrower
54" 4-way snow/dirt plow
47 snowblower

Next up ... 3pt rototiller, front bucket loader, disc harrow

New question ... is it worth it to keep enhancing the 445, or is a CUT that already has the rear pto and front loader the wiser choice? I have about 1 acre of wide open ground for gardening, and another 1 that I'll be mowing. Decisions
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