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Deere 318, what to do while the engine's out

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Pulled my engine to replace the starter. I figured while it was out I'd check to see if there was any other maintenance stuff I could do before putting it back in.

I remember seeing a post on firewall insulation, but can't find a kit anywhere. Can someone tell me how to do this? foam insulation from HD work?

Shimming the starter. Old starter had no shims, the teeth on the starter looked fair, teeth on the flywheel had a very small amount of chipping on the teeth side facing the starter. Can someone explain the process for this?

Already have a starter improvement kit, the starter itself just died(tested it dead on the bench). Any other simple/quick/easy things I can do while I have the tractor torn down this far?

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Thanks everyone!

I sent John an email this morning asking about his insulation kit. I hope he's quick, I'm ready to put the engine back in before I forget how!

I was planning on cleaning out the engine bay pretty well while the engine was out. I had to loosen the engine tins to get the starter out, and couldn't figure out how to actually remove them (granted I was only trying to remove the rear one and leave the sides on, I guess that would make it harder....

My wiring in the engine bay looks pretty good, but there's not much too it, under the battery try could probably use some work, but it's pretty good too.

I was using the BB and the hydraulic levers seemed good.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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