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Deere 318, what to do while the engine's out

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Pulled my engine to replace the starter. I figured while it was out I'd check to see if there was any other maintenance stuff I could do before putting it back in.

I remember seeing a post on firewall insulation, but can't find a kit anywhere. Can someone tell me how to do this? foam insulation from HD work?

Shimming the starter. Old starter had no shims, the teeth on the starter looked fair, teeth on the flywheel had a very small amount of chipping on the teeth side facing the starter. Can someone explain the process for this?

Already have a starter improvement kit, the starter itself just died(tested it dead on the bench). Any other simple/quick/easy things I can do while I have the tractor torn down this far?

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John lang is the guy who sells the insulation kit. For the service and the product it's a no brainer. I bought it and was very pleased. If you're gonna do that, you should get the oil filter grommet as well, it's all about airflow. I believe boomer can get you that.
I replaced the wiring for my starting circuit along with my battery ground cable while I had mine out. I got premade cables from the auto parts dealer, they have nice clean connections on their terminals. You can also get them with auxiliary pigtails soldered into the terminals if you wish. I did on my B+, never know when I'll want it, but it's there.

Edit: obviously, if your wiring is in great shape, leave it alone. Mine wasn't. Had that "powdered donut" thing going on.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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