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Deere 316 package. Good deal or no?

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New guy here and new to lawn tractors.

I would like to know what you all think of this deal.
He wants $900 for the package.
Judging by the picture, the tractor looks complete. Paint worn in spots and shows it's age. Seat cracked and worn. Tires look used but serviceable. I have only made 1st contact with the seller so right now this is everything I know.


This is the seller's description.

1986 Deere Model 316 w/plow
Deck is in rough shape but works, I did some work on it.
New starter 2 yrs ago
Ignition coil 2yrs ago
New points this year
Motor rebuilt May 09
New stator 2 yrs. ago
Extra set of blades (need sharpening)
54" hydraulic snow blade
Extra set of tires for winter, tires filled with calcium for added weight
Seat in bad shape
Rear set of tire chains
Extra deck belt (new)
Muffler not in great shape
Headlights work but tail lights DO NOT
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Thanks for the imput guys. Unfortunately, it sold on Sat. lose!
Don't worry...there are more out there just waiting for you...;)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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