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Deere 2320 - Need To Spread Top Soil (3/4 Acre)

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I'm still new to the tractor world....and own a Deere 2320 CUT.

I have about 3/4-1 acre of land that I want to spread topsoil over and would like to know recommendations from those of you who have been there and done that.

Thank you.
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You only need a really thin layer of soil/compost over the seed. Easy way is like what MF283 said and use a plug areator after seeding. If looking at adding nutrients to the soil, check out compost teas. Once I build my spray rig this year I am going to try it. I have seen many lawns with it used and they look good.
Another option would be to look around at smaller farms and see if a farmer would rent out his manure spreader. It will take some adjusting and such, but it would do the job.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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