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Deere 2320 - Need To Spread Top Soil (3/4 Acre)

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I'm still new to the tractor world....and own a Deere 2320 CUT.

I have about 3/4-1 acre of land that I want to spread topsoil over and would like to know recommendations from those of you who have been there and done that.

Thank you.
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Hey smokn, where did you price out the top soil? Last time I checked (last fall) Stafford Landscaping right up the road from you was about $20 a yard with some organic compost mixed in, delivery exra of course but they are close enough that you could pick it up easy enough. I use a loader to spread out the topsoil and work it in with a landscape rake by hand, takes awhile but gives good results for me.

1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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