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Deere 2320 - Need To Spread Top Soil (3/4 Acre)

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I'm still new to the tractor world....and own a Deere 2320 CUT.

I have about 3/4-1 acre of land that I want to spread topsoil over and would like to know recommendations from those of you who have been there and done that.

Thank you.
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that's a lot of dirt! you have a loader, that's what you'll want to do the initial spreading with, then if you have a back blade, box blade, or some similar implement that will be your finishing tool. It'll take a little time to figure out the best method, but you'll have a couple days to fine tune. Have fun!
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Shack, thank you for the response....maybe I got a bit confused here with what I actually want to achieve.

I already have grass planted so what I'm actually wanting to do is over seed. I want to cover up the seed to help with the growth of the seeds.

Maybe composte will be better... Got to looking at the price of topsoil and whew...that's expensive! Eeeesh...
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Got to looking at spreaders...but think that a spreader will get clogged with compost, but I've never attempted don't know. Also thought about a manure spreader....but good golly miss molly! $2k is definitely out of reach for me....even at $1k.

Do I just get the compost delivered and then spread it with a box blade or another attachment? Box blade may damage my current grass though....??

Thanks again all.
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oh, that does change my understanding. If you loosened the soil before the seed went down then a roller to help press the seed in, then spread wheat straw over it all. There really isn't an easy way to do it if you are seeding bare ground. If there is already a stand of grass and you are just trying to thicken it up then just spread the seed and fertilizer and water, water, water.
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Hey smokn, where did you price out the top soil? Last time I checked (last fall) Stafford Landscaping right up the road from you was about $20 a yard with some organic compost mixed in, delivery exra of course but they are close enough that you could pick it up easy enough. I use a loader to spread out the topsoil and work it in with a landscape rake by hand, takes awhile but gives good results for me.

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Thank you Brad. Well for Stafford Nursery to deliver the soil/compost will be about $2k Ouch...and that's for only taking care of a half acre....which I can get a way with at this point...but I'm not willing to pay that much.

Not having that much fun here in figuring this out...but seems that my pocketbook will keep me from working this task anytime soon.
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Why not over seed, then run an areator or plugger over it, similar to no till.

You only need a really thin layer of soil/compost over the seed. Easy way is like what MF283 said and use a plug areator after seeding. If looking at adding nutrients to the soil, check out compost teas. Once I build my spray rig this year I am going to try it. I have seen many lawns with it used and they look good.
Another option would be to look around at smaller farms and see if a farmer would rent out his manure spreader. It will take some adjusting and such, but it would do the job.
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Rent a pull behind overseeder. It will kind of knife in the grass seed
and then cover it up.
Otherwise, loosen the top soil only a bit with like a de-thatcher, spread
your grass seed than go over it again with the dethatcher to cover the
seed up a bit. Like was said earlier, you don't really need to loosen much
and only need to cover it a little.
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slit seeder or pasture renovater will work out well thats my plans once I get my yard all leveled out
Would a small disk work to loosen the soil before reseeding and then roll it in with a small 300lb cultipacker.
Will it work to put dirt over the grass seed? I think it would have been better to add an inch of dirt, then the seed, then you roll it in to have the seed contact the soil. cover with straw if you want and water couple times a day for several weeks.

If you put dirt now, i think you will bury the seed too deep and it will not germinate well.
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Thank you all so much for your responses. Need to spend some time going through the responses and see what may work best for my situation.

Again, thank you all.
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