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deere 160 sheave problem

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I bought this deere and the sheave apparently flew off the deck. I ordered a plug but it looks like I'm missing another part. Not sure if its a bearing or what. Going to try to salvage this sheave though it does look beat. Any ideas from folks who have been through this deck when it was complete.


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Well I ordered part #1 and thought I needed #2 but looking at the diagram below it seems wrong. I was curious to how that was going to hold the sheave on.

It looks like I need 29-32. Right?

Yeah my deck looks way off to yours. Ill have to take one from the same angle to compare.
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hmmmmm.... The sheave assembly is $85. I would rather do the bearings, So far I have to buy both belts, some other deck hardware, blades, battery. At this point I dont know if the blade engage works.

I found a used sheave on ebay. Have to add up the bearings to see if its worth it or not.
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