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deere 160 sheave problem

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I bought this deere and the sheave apparently flew off the deck. I ordered a plug but it looks like I'm missing another part. Not sure if its a bearing or what. Going to try to salvage this sheave though it does look beat. Any ideas from folks who have been through this deck when it was complete.


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Here's a couple of pics for you of a complete one....

I think you might be missing the idler tensioner arm as well, but its hard to tell

Edit: Ya, something is definitely NOT right about how the idler hardware is set up on the top of that deck....

Looks like the whole idler assembly is mounted kinda oddly... Like, its not attached to the point midpoint on the deck...
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Ya, unless you want to go all out and just see if 35 is available, which LOOKS in the catalog to be the whole assembly including the sheave... Not sure if you want to stick with the turfed out sheave there... Dunno if the sheave is a standard size for just getting a couple of aftermarket bearings... A bunch of guys have done that for their blade spindles..
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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