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Deer JA 65

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My coworker is about to curb a John Deere JA 65. It is 13 years old and was dealer purchased for over 700. I looked it up and it has a 5 speed transmission and aluminum deck and is the same machine as the JX 75 except for the motor is a 6.5 Hp briggs. I have heard great things about the kawaski powered deere, but maybe that is just because of the motor. The issue she says is that it doesn't seem to want to go backwards at all. Not sure if that is something easy. Anybody think this is an easy fix for a very good machine? Otherwise I'll let it pass. Thanks.
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I have a jx75 and it is an awesome mower.
Droc, I have a JA65 as well which I bought in 1997. It does have a 5 speed transmission but all are forward speeds. You are correct about the original price. I think is is a great mower, mine still going strong with only one problem since new. I had a crack in the aluminum deck which JD replaced under warranty. With a good blade you will get a fantastic cut.:bananapow
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I am going to get a 2001 john deere pushmower with a bad trany. what is the price range for a 3 speed trans for a deere
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