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Try the with Cornell Coop Extension. I think there is one in each NY county. They will also be able to advise what it is, if there is an alternative, and whether or not it is an invasive specie. You want to make sure that you stay away from them. Once established, they spread and are difficult to control.
The Giant Hogweed is an example. Thought to be a lovely large plant for like a corner of the yard, it has turned out to be extremely toxic, its sap severely burning your skin. making the most severe case of poison ivy look like a mild sunburn. It is so bad that DEC has a Hogweed hotline if you spot it.
I'm not saying the grass you are looking for is invasive, but a lot of things that happen to solve a problem actually created a greater hazard/problem. Hope you find that what you say is true and that it is a beneficial plant.
Here is a link if you are interested. NYIS
Good luck,
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