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Mowing yesterday with my 446 (J44 deck).

The deck started vibrating, I checked all pulley's, belts, etc: Found nothing out of order, so I pulled deck and checked for loud bearings or worn jackshafts. Again, did not find anything that would make that much vibration.

Solution: A part of a Hickory nut shell had gotten wedged into one of the idler pulleys ( you could not see shell). Took about 20 seconds to pry the shell out of the pulley and all is running well.

Would have taken me forever to find the problem if it had not been for a neighbor who looked at the mower problem. Said he had the same problem with his mower a week ago, but the part that got wedged into the idler on his mower was white plastic and you could easily see it.

Might keep this solution on file if you ever have deck vibration and can find no reason for it.
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