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Deck timing gears. snapper 1650

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Hi everyone

New to MyTractor-bought a old 1650 snapper for 200 bucks--runs good new short block 5 years ago, hydro runs good and strong.

I need to know where to get the timing pulleys for the deck, already got new belts and all new bearings and welded and patched rusty deck.

Any help would be great.

Adam in Ontario

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As I understand, Massey still offers the center "double-stacked" pulley, but around $150+. The singles are NLA.
Thanks olcowhand

But massey where i,m at ( ontario canada ) says they cant get it.
What company is it that has that enormous catalog thats about 4" thick? They gotta have one.
W.W Grainger??..they sell gearbelt pulleys,some with keyed bores,that use a bolt in hub/bushing ,and some "plain" bore ones too,that can be machined to suit special applications..they sell the belts too..I bought a gearbelt from them for 15 bucks for an old Sears I had with a timed deck--Sears wanted 36 bucks plus shipping & special order charges,Grainer had it in stock!..

I've seen guys re-work timing belt sprockets to be used on timed decks none could be found for ,off of car engines..then used a timing belt and idler to drive them..
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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