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Deck leveling question.

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I was reading through my manual the other night and it seems that I have been leveling my deck incorrectly. I have a 54C deck on an X540. I have the JD leveling guage. I was measuring the blade tips with the side blades out to the side on both sides to get my left and right leveling done. Then I would turn my center blade to where it pointed straight out to the front and measure the blade tip on it to get the front measurement 1/8 to 1/4 inch lower than the rear. From looking at the manual it seems like you don't measure the center blade at all. It looks like you turn both side blades to where the point to the front and measure off them to adjust the front level. Can someone please tell me the proper way to do this? I need to pull the deck and shapen, grease, and clean the underside of the deck and I want to make sure and to get it leveled properly. Thanks in advane for any replies.
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First find a level spot that can be harder then some think.Then make sure the tire pressure is correct.Then with the blade tips forward adjust so the front is 1/8th to 1/4 lower then back.I check both sides outer blades.But if you measure the threads on the arbor bolt both sides it should be the same both sides.Measure from the outer nut to end of threads and make them the same.Then check both sides and it should be OK.Then turn the blades so there facing out and adjust as needed.

My dealer tried to tell me that the deck should be checked for level from time to time.Especially after removing the deck.I have been around long enouph to know that is a bunch of bunk.As long as the nuts are locked tight why would removing the deck make it change.Atleast I have never had a problem keeping a deck level after it is set right.I think he told me this as an excuse for why it was not set before delievery.The tire pressure was not even set right.
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Doesn't have to be level. Only has to be flat.

Makes sense that you would compare the side and front measurement on the same blade as there can be a slight variance between blades.
OK finding a flat spot can be harder then you think.
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