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Deck height adjustment

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Just took delivery of a new to me 2007, 720 w/54" deck. I was playing with the height adjustment knob to get to the setting that I used when I borrowed my neighbors mower. The knob is very hard to turn, I had the deck all the way in the up position. On my neighbors it turned with a lot less effort = 36 or 48" deck. Would the lighter deck make a difference in the amount of effort it takes to turn the knob, if not what should I be looking for or do to remedy this situation?

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Get under it and lube it with wd40 or some similar lube and work it back and forth.
Inspect the threads for dings and the shaft to see if it's bent.

Try it with the deck not quite all the way up. mid way, and not quite all the way down to see if it's binding only in a certain location.
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