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Deck for a Ariens GT17

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I am looking for a deck from my Ariens GT 17.

I have found one that the seller is saying came off of a model 931021 tractor.

My tractor is Model #: 931019, from the picture of the deck it looks like it should fit, but thought I would ask the Ariens people that are far smarter that me.

Thanks in advance. :fing32:

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Your good, it will fit, no problem, go for it. Most of the parts from the GT/S 14 thru the GT/S 20 will/should be the same, slight variances only on all hydros, a little more with geared tractors in the drive train, Let me know if you need manuals of anything on it. Bill
Thank you very much Bill.

When i bought the tractor it had the deck on it, but the metal on the underneath the gearbox on the deck, (where the gearbox bolts to the deck), crack and broke so the gearbox was bouncing up and down. :( haha

So if this deck doesn't pan out i am going to see if i can weld a new piece of steel on the deck then cut out the proper sized hole for the gearbox to go through. (or something haven't quite figured it out yet).
It will pan out, the decks were the same back when the tractor was built and labeled New Holland in the early 70's clear up until the early 1990's
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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