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Deck cleaning

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Just purchased a Husqvarna Z246. Really like the machine after many many questions being answered from this forum!
The deck has the hose adapter and instructions say to "NEVER GET THE TOP OF THE MOWER DECK WET" which I dont understand. And as far as the hose adapter and cleaning, well leaves a lot to be desired. Why cant I get the top of the mower deck wet? And cant I just clean the underside of the deck the old fashioned way, with a putty knife and elbow grease???


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The consensus around here concerning deck wash ports is, don't use them. Whatever grass is left under there will stay damp, harden up and cause the deck to rust. There have been many threads about this topic. Use the search link above and you will see all the opinions.
The top of the deck has pulleys that can rust and bearings that don't do well if water gets in to them.
thats what i thought. when i did jack iy up to manualy clean it, it was all still wet up there. thanx
I was the original person that came up with the idea to adapt a water hose connection on a JD 210 with 38" deck back in 1976. I must admit, it wasn't all that great idea (invention) to clean the underside on the deck.

I have a 345 and Z710A that I clean after each mowing. I clean each with a leaf blower first and take the water hose and wash all the tractor down and wipe each (dry off). When I get that done I start the tractors and turn on the PTO to remove any water on top of the PTO and the deck spindles. Never had any problems with rust. Most all mower decks have holes in around the deck spindle area to drain any water that may collect there.

Yep. Still use the putty knife to scrap the grass clippings
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Perfect, sounds great. Thank you for the advice...

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