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Decal install

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Okay is there some kind of trick. What do I need to know about putting them on, except "don't screw it up"
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Dont pull off the back and try to slap them on.You use water so they will slide around.I find it best to use a spray bottle filled with water and wet the surface and the decal stick side.Then place the decal and it will slide around when it right.Start working the water out with a damp rag or a squege.Works great.
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3 or 4 drops dishwashing liquid to 1 cup water, then it will slide. Once in place, rub down very well with squeegee or soft cloth, but don't immediately pull application tape off. I like to leave in position, then in a half hour or so, rub down again & carefully remove tape. If decal tries to lift, rub back down & try again in another 1/2 hour. Sometime it takes longer for soap water to dissipate. Much longer when cool weather, faster when hot.
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Again, you guys save by bacon, thanks. Mike
Maybe I can add something to this conversation.

Let's say that you are wanting to apply a long decal such as one for a hood.

Begin the process by making sure the area you intend to apply the decal to is 100% clean. You cannot have any wax/polish on the paint or the decal will fail. Use a china marker, tape measure and straight-edge to determine exactly where the decal will go.

Use a strip of masking tape to secure the middle of the decal to the object the decal is being applied to. Use the marks from the china marker to verify that you have the decal positioned correctly. Then use another strip of masking tape to secure one end of the decal exactly where it should go. At this point, one half of the decal is secured to the hood and one half is free.

Use the soapy spray mentioned by OCH to dampen the area on the hood where the decal will go. Carefully remove the back mask paper from the decal while holding the actual decal away from the hood. Sometimes, it's good to have some help to accomplish this.

Gently extend the decal until it is straight and slightly taught but still not touching the hood. Use a plastic squeegee and start right at the spot where the masking tape is securing the middle of the decal to the hood and squeegee slowly to the outer end of the decal. Take your time and make sure the decal is going on exactly how you want it to. When the decal is fully applied, use a sponge to remove any excess soapy water and then continue using the squeegee to remove any air bubbles and squeeze out any excess water.

When you are satisfied with what you have done, then apply another strip of masking tape vertically across the middle of the decal just to one side of the spot where you started applying the decal. Remove the other two masking tape strips, squirt that side down, remove the back masking from the decal and follow the above procedure to apply it.

Try to keep your decals back from any edges of the metal. Give your decals adequate time to firmly bond to the tractor's parts. Having them outside and exposed to the sun on a warm day will gently warm the tin and drive out any remaining moisture.
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never heard of soapy water
you would think that the decal would not stick.

Painted an old farmall once and bought decals... one side was crooked because I could not "slide it around" ... I dont think it came with instructions
Ditto on the dish soap. Learned this in autobody class. Works very well, lots of time to position decal.

I use a ridgid squeegee to pull the water out from beneath the decal. When I remove the backer/install paper, I do it with the squeegee against he paper, pulling (slowly) the paper back onto itself, and against the edge of the squeegee. This helps to keep the decal from lifting.
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