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Dearborn side mount mower brackets

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I removed Dearborn side mount mower brackets from my tractor. I don’t have the mower unit but the brackets have been on the tractor since I got it. These brackets also serve as the foot pad mount. I am removing them because they are combersom and I think the tractor will be easier to paint with the original 8n foot pad mounts. These are marked Dearborn 14-4. Are they worth anything for resale? If they are not worth anything then I will put them on the 8n that I am stealing the mounts from for mine. But I thought if there was a value to them I would put them on eBay and just get replacements for the other tractor.


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If I remember correctly, the Dearborn 14-4 was the 6' version of the side mounted sickle bar mower. It's possible that someone may be looking for a set, but the only way to find out is to advertise them for a while (and also mention it on other N tractor enthusiast sites) and see if there is any interest.

Personally I can't see much use for a sickle bar mower unless someone wants a mower that has some side reach to mow around a pond. But then there are a lot of the old Ns still around, and it's possible that someone somewhere may need them.
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