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Dealer fuel pump or Brians Millers fuel pump?

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I need to replace the fuel pump on my 810 and the dealer is giving me a price of $128.00 for the pump. Brian sells his pump (#22-10211) for $45.00 and I see pumps on E-bay for about the same price. Has anyone used Brians fuel pump or the pumps on E-bay? Any issues with these pump?

I will put a fuel filter before and AFTER the pump. Learned a hard lesson, small flakes of rubber do not work well inside a NEW carb.

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Dealers like to quote OEM list prices for parts.

Between Rotary and Stens, I don't know if one is any better than the other. Pat's has pumps. THe cost is under $30.
Napa has the genuine Kohler one. Just ask them to look it up in the small engine book they have.
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