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Hey all,

I picked up two DB walk behinds today, one is compete the other is more or less for parts. The complete one was working in a garden two years ago so I’m confident it will be up and running easy enough. I also picked up a plow and a planter with them too today.

I have a few questions about my machines:

Can anyone link me a owners manual PDF? I’ll update this with the exact number tomorrow.

The complete mower wont roll in reverse (will roll forward tho) no mater which way the clutch lever is flipped so I assume the clutch is sticking. Is this a take apart and clean the clutch or is there some adjustment in the linkage?

Also on the complete the air filter is full of oil that seems fresh and seems to be wayyyy to much for blow by. I’m guessing this is related to the clutch question, I’m assuming it’s spinning the motor in the wrong direction and pushing it out that way. Does this sound correct?

Does anyone have a number list on the seed plates? They are original DB plates, I have 8 of them. Just want to see what I have.

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