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David Bradley Tractor Repair

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I own a 1961 David Bradley Suburban (model#917.60616) that I'd like to get running. Does anyone know somebody in the St. Louis area that they'd recommend to repair my tractor? The tractor isn’t necessarily broken but it hasn't been started in over 20 years and I'm not sure what to do to ensure that the engine isn’t damaged trying to start it.:thanku:
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I'm obviously not in that area. So I won't be any help to you there but I have one comment to make. You can't have someone fix it for you. That takes all the fun out of it. There is a sense of satisfaction when you do it your self. Lol and alot of times. If you have a general idea of engines There are a few things you can do yourself. Change the oil first. Obiously if it doesn't run you will not get all of the old stuff out due to it not being hot oil and thin but most is better than nothing. After 20 years it might not even be oil anymore. Then check for spark. If you have spark Then spray a little starting fluid in the air cleaner and give it a try. You will most likely have to clean out the carb but sometimes you get lucky
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