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darn whats with yesterday

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so yesterday i went shopping. and yea i pretty much am broke again lol. scrapyard and me do business alot lol went over there to check out a massey. bought it and 3pt tiller (modified). took tiller home because i had a free snowblower gave to me. came back for massey and found a craftsman 48 inch modified snowerblade to fix my craftsmans blade up. took those home but just getting ready to leave and a lt1000 craftsman comes in. so i bought it and a parts machine took my load home came back for lt1000s and found 3 pushmowers lol. i ran out of money lol.


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Lol when it rains it pours! Good going!!
i have bought alot out of this one. my 3pt grader blade my ss15 and alot more including 2 wheel horse trailers.
I feel your Problem for me is I have to borrow a friends trailer to hall anything home. He lives right up the road from our little town dump, and when I call him he always says come and get it. Then I have to sneak stuff into the yard past the I need to make a back gate from my neighbors house to mine..hehehe! GREAT Haul by the way, you did very well.
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Pace yourself...
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