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Any working loader probably starts at a grand and goes up. Looks nice and solid. I'd be comfy at $1500, but I'd be hesitant to go higher. Does it fit your application, or will you have to modify it? The Deere stuff brings big money...I wouldn't apply the same pricing to an Ark, Danco, Johnson or KwikWay. They are all great loaders, but there are a lot of them and they are not as brad specific. Most are adapted over time to various brands.

If you have it there to take pics of, I'd love to see that pump. The resevoir looks just like the Cessna I have on my Henry built Allis loader.

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these are the only pictures i have of it now. it mounted on cub cadet which po states its a orginal and has you see in pictures in in a trailer so i couldn't get very good pictures of it. i got to call po tonight and tell him i will take tractor and loader and the other parts orginal too.


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The problem with that loader is that it doesn't have cylinders on the bucket only a trip
mechanism which makes it worth less than newer loaders that are fully hydraulic.
:dunno:Good eyes,
I didn't notice that little fact . Based on that, it will need at least 500 bucks in parts to make into a working loader
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