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DAD's UB Special

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This was in the 70's and was in the fall picking corn. We still have this tractor, or at least my sister does!!
The picker is Oliver #3.


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Nice tractor. My uncle had one for a few years that he used for snow plowing with a wide front and hydraulic loader. I inherited this tractor for awhile but had to sell it 6 years ago. It was a smooth running machine that started right now. It had a power steering set up for the wide front. the hydraulics were ridiculously powerfull, she had no trouble at all lifting the front wheels off the ground. We sometimes pulled a 3 bottom tow type plow -w/hyd lift- in the garden. It also had a pair of 200lb wheel weights, no fluid in the tires. I had always wondered though if the silver paint on the wheels was correct for this model. Thanks for the picture.
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i have always liked molines and especially the older ones,although i grew up with two cylinder deeres ( love them).i would like to have an old moline some day.thanks for the picture,i love vintage farm pictures.
The tractor pictured is not a U special. Special had a flat front and different tin.
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