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Dad's Troy-Bilt Horse rototiller, 1982

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My dad ran a solo residential landscaping small business for many years - and he is now many years retired, so it's time to make room!

He took meticulous care of all tools and stored everything in a tool shed or garage. Now I am helping him re-home some of the larger items. (Millennial daughter, boomer dad ;) ♥)

He is the original owner, and sole operator, of this Troy-Bilt rototiller, Horse model with a Kohler engine, from 1982. Still has the paperwork, parts catalog, manual, etc. Plate serial #11285628 but paperwork reads #596244

Any other key details I need before listing for sale?


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Hi 610sam View attachment 2544641
Glad to have you join us here . If you want o post that for sale on the forum you must be a member for 15 days minimum and have at least 15 posts ...and t has to be posted in the for sale / wanted to buy / your location forum
Thank you, Mark! Was just looking for that information. Also love the dancing bears head space!
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